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The other victims of Covid-19

While most of you are worried about Covid-19...this is the shit that is keeping me up at night! The kids locked in their homes with stressed, angry, unemployed parents. The people struggling with mental health issues, who already feel lonely on a regular day...now forced to be all alone with their dark thoughts. The single moms/dads who were already struggling to pay the bills before the lockdown. The victims of this pandemic aren't just the people fighting this virus. This lockdown will be claiming lives long after the virus has come and gone. Reach out. People are suffering. Don't just blindly assume that our government is taking care of everyone - they aren't! We need to be angry. We need to call for changes so something as horrific as a countrywide lockdown doesn't happen again---there will be more pandemics! Get angry and stay that way long enough to demand those changes from our government. I see too many of you with the default of being thankful and complacent. Go look at your T4 and see how much tax you paid last year. Couldn't we have been better prepared?! I, myself am beyond angry and I'm one of the lucky ones who's livelihood is barely affected.

And to all the people barking government orders at us on their feeds ---stay inside? we get it!!!! Did you ever stop for a minute and think there could be other reasons why that teen might be outside on his scooter? - maybe it isn't because he wants to put "everyones life in danger". Maybe it's because he has a MEAN dad who just lost his job and is drinking more because of it, and he needs a break from putting his own life in danger by being at home? I for one can't stop thinking about these things!

This is just some food for thought (I put these thoughts here so they don't have to rattle around in my head as much). Be kind and compassionate, not everyone is as lucky as you. ❤️