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I got my name from a guinea pig...

I'm not making that up. My parents loved the name of their neighbour's guinea pig so much that they decided to name their first born (me) after the furry rodent! Pamela Mae. My little sister received a beautiful Gaelic name fit for a princess, but I was stuck with Pamela Mae. I never liked it. I'm holding a bit of a grudge because of it. This blog is going to be my way of embracing it, and all that comes with the girl who owns that moniker.

These past couple of years have seen some major changes in my life. I left a 14 year marriage, an 11 year career ended and at 41 I'm finding myself again. If you asked 21 year old me if this is where I thought I would find myself right now, I would have called you crazy and thrown my drink in your face. Life.

This blog will be all about mine. At least I think it will. I have trouble committing lately. In a few months this might very well be a blog about pizza. Maybe you can relate to what I'm going through; maybe you just want to watch this train wreck from a distance, either way....I hope you come along with me on this journey. Share with me your own messes and triumphs. Maybe it will help us to not feel so crazy or alone. I have a feeling we'll probably just end up wanting pizza and this will turn into a pizza blog real quick.

xoxo Pamela Mae

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