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Botox & Bubbly

I was invited to an event here in Halifax last week called 'Botox and Bubbly', put on by Vitality Medi Spa. This is a very popular medi spa here in the city known for their state of the art equipment and procedures in the anti-aging field. Being 41 (42 at the end of the month), I can't lie to you and say that I haven't started to throw around the idea of getting a little help from my friends with needles and lasers! It is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately so this event came at the perfect time.

My little sis was to be my date - and we were excited at the prospect of learning all about the latest and greatest procedures available to us at Vitality. It so happened that the event fell on the same night as a horrible winter snow storm was to hit our fair city, but we decided to brave the storm anyway. I have AWD and you can't really keep me and my sister from an event where there is champagne flowing freely. The storm held out, and we arrived at the venue which was held at The Roy building on Barrington St. This was the perfect place for an event like this, super modern and sleek - just what you would expect from the sexy folks at Vitality.

Dr. van Aardt and nurse injector, Aundrea Trevors led us through a very informative presentation with some amazing before and afters that had me wanting to sign up for every option they had available, immediately!

Did you know there is even a procedure now that tightens and restores your "vagine" to pre-kid condition? -- wow! Technology has certainly come a long way and we're in a great place scientifically for never having to go under the knife. "Cheap Botox isn't good and good Botox isn't cheap" is something I took away from the event. Unless you want to look like a "Real Housewife" of (insert your hometown here)...make sure you find knowledgeable medical professionals to do this work, and rest assured, it isn't going to come cheap!

I have been very lucky in the aging department. I have some great genes (thanks momma and Granny Dot), and I've worked in the natural health products industry for over 10 years now - a clean diet has helped tremendously. I'm still noticing some things aren't what they used to be. My eyes can look really tired even if I've had a great night's sleep and my lips aren't as full as they used to be. When I was younger, I always assumed that I would grow old gracefully and never rely on medical procedures to help my face look younger, but I have to tell you....I'm changing my mind! I feel like a 30 year old on the inside with energy to spare and a body that is really strong. I don't feel the slightest bit uncomfortable in a bikini on the beach in Miami or by the pool in Vegas (I had the realization in my 30's that the gym was no longer an option - that was a shitty day and I'll tell you about it later). What is the harm in wanting my face to match up? I met a few girls at the event who have been getting "help" since their 20's and who are still much younger than me!

Marilyn Monroe once said: "I want to grow old without facelifts. I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made." I have always loved that quote and thought I would prescribe to the same sentiment however, I can't help but wonder...if Marilyn had the technology we had today, would she be so loyal?

My consultation at Vitality is scheduled for next week - my loyalty to the face I made is ending here.

Sorry, Marilyn.

My sis Cailean, Me & our friend Katherine (right to left)
Chatting with Jenny - one of the amazing staff at Vitality.